Free VPN software: Why do we need it?

Freedom on the network is a topical subject of modern reality. Many people are interested in the issue of confidentiality while being online notwithstanding the real location, jurisdiction system of the country and the devices (cell phones, laptops or PCs) used for internet access.

Android gadgets become the target of savvy hackers so often that people are concerned about how to protect their data stored on such devices and avoid throttling.

And the best solution is a VPN subscription!

There’s a variety of reasons to opt for a Virtual Private Network use. But the main two are the following:

There’s a variety of reasons to opt for a Virtual Private Network use. But the main two are the following:

Why masking becomes meaningful for net surfers?

It’s unlikely a person wants his online history to be monitored. This problem is rather vital for the regions where the government is empowered to spy on the residents.

There is a list of countries that are not democratic towards internet surveillance. Cuba, North Korea, Turkmenistan and Ecuador are vivid examples of the countries where the authorities spy on citizens whereas Internet Service Providers collect data on network users’ activities and provide the government with it.

What is the way-out?

The easiest way to get rid of such troubles is to entrust privacy into VPN services.

Every sixth resident of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a VPN subscriber. Half of them get free access to the censored sites and services due to VPN software. In its turn, the will to hide user’s identity is determined by the necessity to access sites that would be blocked elsewise.

In more recent times, deliberate criminals become intense. They put malicious software behind the facade of applications for Android, Windows and iOS. Android platforms are more vulnerable towards viruses.

I dare assume that it’s not by chance.

Over 80% smartphones run on Android OS. And now just think what is stored on your Android gadget?

  • Personal information
  • Credentials
  • Messages
  • Photos (sometimes quite compromising)

The information stored on Androids make it number one target for crackers.

Well… even in case you have no money to protect yourselves against such troubles, it is possible to use free VPNs.

How to get VPN free?

Most of up-to-date VPN providers allow testing the service without paying for it. The period of free testing is known as ‘free trial’. It may last from 1 day to 1 month.

At the beginning of VPN era, it was hardly possible to find a free VPN to bypass geographical restrictions, avoid throttling and share information securely.

But… so lucky we are today!

Internet users have a possibility to use VPNs for free.

So how to accomplish it?

I’ll assist you in this uneasy issue:

Variant №1

Most of up-to-date VPN providers allow testing the service without paying for it. The period of free testing is known as ‘free trial’. It may last from 1 day to 1 month.

Many people pay for subscription after the period of free trial is over. But it’s not obligatory. Just stop using it and find another VPN for checking its quality.

And so I would recommend users to study the website of a VPN one likes to check whether it is possible to take use of its free trial or not.

Variant №2

The next analog of free VPN use I dislike, but I have to inform my readers about all the variants.

Have you heard about money back guarantee? If not, I’ll explain what it means.

I would compare a VPN money back guarantee with a product warranty. What can you do in case Android smartphone you have bought the last week went down? Of course, you will go to the shop and the gadget will be exchanged.

Thus, when a VPN subscriber is dissatisfied with the service, it is possible to take use of money back guarantee. But you are to study its money back policy, as unbiased queries aren’t solved usually.

Variant №3

I have studied numerous VPN providers and on the basis of my unbiased research I must conclude that even paid VPNs may be used without payment.  Moreover, it’s better to use paid providers for torreting.

Luckily, some of VPNs offer various packages. These packages may differ in the number of servers, duration of protection, devices per account, price and many more. Thus, there are trustworthy VPNs with free plans.

Free VPN plans may be limited in some features, but they still unblock restricted sites and encode data.

Variant №4

The variant I’m going to describe now is the most credible, as in case one opts for it, 100% free VPN software is guaranteed.

Nowadays, it is possible to use a free VPN service. But, it is necessary to point out that not all of them are worth using. They may slow down the speed so that it would be hardly possible to watch video online.

But be convinced that you will like free VPNs I describe in the table below:

Best Free VPNs’ Features

Free VPNAdvantagesDisadvantages
WINDSCRIBE VPN✔ 11 locations
✔ 10 GB bandwidth
✔ unlimited number of devices per account
✔ NAT Firewall feature
✔ ad blocking
✔ P2P
✔ no logs
✔ double VPN
✔ incognito mode
✔ tracker blocking
✘ no live chat support
SPEEDIFY✔ servers in 28 countries
✔ 1 GB bandwidth
✔ 5 devices per account
✔ no logs
✘ poor customer support
✔ unlimited bandwidth
✔ no registration
✘ lack of kill switch
✘ slow speed
HOTSPOT SHIELD✔ servers in 25 countries
✔ unlimited bandwidth
✔ 1 device per account
✔ no logs
✘ ads
✘ no P2P
HOLA VPN✔accelerator for fast speed
✔ ad blocking
✔ works through P2P
✔ no logs
✘ no servers
✘ 1 device per account
✘ for browsers only

I was quite incredulous towards the idea to use a free VPN service for unrestricted web surfing. In this connection not only pluses of free VPNs but minuses as well are presented in the table.

I’ve studied about 45-50 free VPNs (totally free and free VPN plans) and came to the conclusion that Windscribe VPN, Nola VPN, Betternet VPN, Hotspot Shield VPN and Speedify VPN are the best of its kind.

Why do I call them best free VPN providers?

My preferences are based on a scrupulous study of a number of free VPNs. So I suppose it will be useful to sound my opinion:

👍 the number of free VPN server locations is enough to make the geographical restrictions unimportant;

👍 in spite of limited bandwidth it is possible to conduct almost any activity on the network;

👍 free VPNs mentioned here follow zero logging policy, which makes their users really protected against spying;

👍 torrent files may be downloaded anonymously (Windscribe, Hola and Betternet provide users with peer-to-peer file sharing);

👍 multiple devices per 1 free VPN account is not a dream but reality.

Many people tend to think that only paid VPN software is reliable. Moreover, they reckon that if they have paid for a VPN subscription, they will be 1000% secure on the network and all possible sites will be unblocked.

But the situation may be different in reality. Only ‘Elite’, ‘Premium’ and ‘Best’ packages lift restrictions.

Besides, some paid VPNs may keep data on their subscribers’ online activity. That’s why it’s so urgent to study the ‘Terms of use’ and ‘Privacy policy’ of VPNs thoroughly.

In case a net surfer is resource-constraint free VPNs will help to get rid of restrictions and protect data.