About us

Hi there! I’m pleased you’ve visited my siteHi there! I’m pleased you’ve visited my site.

I’m quite fed up with the restrictions imposed by the Internet Service Providers and non-stop meddling in people’s social media accounts. I dare assume you are as well. Otherwise, it’s unlikely you to visit this page.

In a rather natural and easy manner I’ll introduce some topics that bother people worldwide and assist in finding the best variants to use the network with no restrictions.

Who is my reader?

My target reader has neither age nor gender. Physical location is unimportant either. I write for everyone who wants to open desired web pages, use various messengers abroad but not to pay for this kind of freedom.

Any net surfer will find a post on his liking here.

What topics you will find here?

I like watching movies, TV shows but don’t want to be limited by the set of channels offered by TV companies. Also I get used to be free while travelling abroad and still access sites I open when I’m in the motherland.

So here I share my knowledge and experience about the ways to conduct habitual activity on the network without restrictions and keep data safe.

To sum up, I should say that I’m going to cover the best free VPN services, the ways to try paid VPNs for free, security news and threats.

Besides, you are always welcome to offer the topics for further discussion. Also I’m ready to prepare for you the detailed overviews of free VPN services.

I’m really interested in the issues that are vital for you and with a great pleasure I’ll describe them.